Frequently Asked Questions

First, confirm if you're registered by filling out the online form. The information you input is matched to your voter file to determine whether or not you are correctly registered at your current address. If you aren't, you will follow prompts based on whether or not your state has online voter registration (OVR).
States without OVR: If you need to update your registration or begin the process of registering to vote, fill out the Register2Vote form. We will mail you a voter registration form pre-filled with your information and a prepaid, addressed envelope. Simply sign the registration form and put it back in the mail. We track the postage with a unique serial number to ensure that your registration arrives at your local Registrar's office.
States with OVR: If you need to update your registration, will directly link to your State's Online Registration website.
On the Register2Vote site, you will have the opportunity to request a mailed form. Once you are asked to indicate the state you live in, you will see two options, "Open State Website", or "Continue Registration". Select "Continue Registration" and you will be mailed a form.
Envelopes with pre-filled registration forms will be sent within 4 weeks of submission, and 1 week during the final month before the deadlines. The process is free for the registrant, and we even cover your return postage!
Over the last year, has been able to register more than 150,000 Americans.
There are a lot of great options for getting registered. What makes Register2Vote unique is that we mail forms out to residents in states without online voter registration. No printers or stamps required.
Your information will be handled securely, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. When we send you your information, it will be in a security envelope sent via tracked USPS mail. We will track your envelope to ensure that it arrives safely from us to you, and from you to your County.
No, we are an independent, philanthropic tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization. We are not affiliated with any political campaign or party. Campaigns and parties, just like anyone else, are free to use our service at no cost.
There are a lot of ways to get involved! Check our About page.