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It’s no surprise that Texas consistently ranks among the five states with the lowest voter turnout.

In Texas, over 4.5 million voting-age citizens are not registered to vote. This is primarily due to laws that restrict voter registration efforts.

One of the most effective tools for increasing registration numbers and voter turnout is online voter registration. Unfortunately Texas laws do not currently allow for a direct form of online voter registration. Register2Vote serves as a near approximation of online voter registration that fully complies with all of the legal requirements under Texas State Law.

To register to vote, simply fill out the Register2Vote online application. We will then mail you a voter registration card pre-filled with your information and a prepaid addressed envelope. Simply sign the registration form and put it back in the mail. We will use USPS tracking technology to ensure that your registration arrives safely at your local County Registrar.

Register to vote from your home, without a printer, envelope, or stamp. Simply fill out the online form, sign, and return.

Register2Vote allows organizers to facilitate voter registration without needing to be trained as Voter Deputy Registrars (VDRs).

Additionally, this allows volunteers to help any Texan to get registered, regardless of which county they live in.

Texas State Law requires all volunteers to be trained as VDRs in order to “touch” a completed voter registration form. However, with Register2Vote, the voter sends the signed form directly to their County Registrar never touching the hands of our Register2Vote volunteers.

With Register2Vote, volunteers can help voters enter their information into our system. We take care of as many steps as possible: providing the form to the voter, paying for the postage and return envelope. The voter simply fulfills their legal obligations by signing their original signature and sending it directly to their County Registrar. In doing so, we provide an experience as close to online voter registration as is currently legally available.